Certification BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5

The BRC scheme has the aim to ensure that the materials used for the packaging of food products meet the requirements of hygiene and food safety.

The BRC scheme is a certification of voluntary type of product that will appeal to manufacturers of packaging materials and packaging materials used for the packaging of food products and not, for example packaging for cosmetic or hygiene products.

They are the subject of the certification of the machining processes to produce acts artifacts to be used for the packaging of food products, maintaining its characteristics of quality and hygienic safety.

The BRC scheme:

  • It implements a management system and risk analysis;
  • It requires the responsibilities of management;
  • implements a management system for quality;
  • checking the adequacy of the structural and hygiene parameters of the premises;
  • controls the product and processes;
  • appropriate training in hygiene and attention from the staff.