CE Marking

The CE marking is “label” certifying that the product conforms to the applicable European legislation and therefore can move freely within the European Union. Responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided with the CE marking and placing the product on the market are always and solely the manufacturer.
In order to affix the CE marking on a product must be carried out certain activities as applicable:

  • initial type testing;
  • preparation and activation of a factory control;
  • preparation of the Declaration of performance and its CE label.

These activities, depending on the criticality of the product to safety, the responsibility of the manufacturer or a notified body by the relevant ministries.

IIP performs certification, inspection and testing requirements for CE marking as part of CPR Directive with Notification to the Ministry of Industry as a body for certification, inspection and testing for CE (notification marking n ° 01597)

The CE marking provides different levels of compliance:

  • CE marking of products for which compliance can be issued by the manufacturer;
  • CE marking of products for which compliance can NOT be issued by the manufacturer but requires an assessment of compliance by an agency authorized to do so by the State and “Notified Body” to the authorities of other EU.

For both situations indicated IIP is able to:

  • assistance in the identification of applicable regulations and of the procedure to certify compliance with the legislative requirements;
  • execution of all the evidence necessary for the verification of compliance with the requirements of the Directive;
  • execution of laboratory testing and verification of the essential requirements of the products aimed at obtaining certificates and certificates of compliance required for affixing the CE marking;
  • inspection and control of production at the company’s website.

IIP issued certifications of the initial type testing with related factory inspections, monitoring, evaluation and approval of permanent production control for the following products:

  • A) family of thermal insulation for buildings;
  • B) product family Windows and external doors;
  • C) product family geotextiles / geosynthetics;
  • D) product family flexible membranes seen;
  • E) gas sealing elements.

IIP authorisation to Directive 89/106 / EU.

Register of certified products or tested / classified by IIP Srl as notified body in accordance with Directive 89/106 / EU with n. 1597.