Certification SA 8000 and social sworn statements in accordance with ISO 26000

Today’s society and multinational companies are increasingly expressing their sensitivity and attention in the workplace are respected the minimum standards, and that workers are guaranteed fair conditions, requiring companies a fair and equitable working environment and transparent business practices.

This climate determines the increasing need for companies to demonstrate their social responsibility.

The international standard SA 8000: 2001 for the management of human rights on the site allows you to implement a management system to ensure that all parties involved the commitment of business leaders towards social responsibility.

The management of risks to its reputation in the world economy also offers the opportunity to demonstrate effective a company practice proper and ethical business.

The advantages to be gained by adopting a management system of social responsibility in conformity with the standard SA 8000, they are:

  • improve the image and reputation;
  • allow to differentiate themselves from the competition;
  • communicate new values ​​you can attract new customers and open new markets;
  • improve communication the working environment;
  • attract ethical investments;
  • demonstrate transparency to the persons involved.

This service is in collaboration with the consortium CISE Network work ethic.