Energy Certification ISO 50001

Reducing energy consumption is a tool to reduce fixed costs and business variables and increase the competitiveness of their companies.

Moreover, in addition to reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions, a certification can improve its reputation, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability in relation to the goals established after the Copenhagen Convention of 20-20-20.

ISO 50001, constitutes an essential tool for energy management based on national and regional regulations in force.

The ISO 50001 standard allows you to implement the processes needed to:

  • Analyse the energy consumption
  • Identify areas and inefficient processes
  • Identify technologies to improve energy efficiency in energy-inefficient areas
  • Identify ways that allow you to finance energy efficiency measures (Energy Efficiency)
  • Enable monitoring plans, energy performance targets and indicators to reduce consumption

The advantages that can be achieved with the implementation of ISO 50001 are:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Identify processes and areas with the greatest energy risk, then reformulate the logic of supply by reducing the risk of energy supply
  • Reduce energy consumption has a direct impact on operating costs
  • Create respect for the power management policy and consider it as an integral part of the efficiency of its organisation
  • Access to financing to buy more energy efficient asset