EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

The environmental product declaration is an environmental policy tool that aims to communicate to the market the features and the environmental performance of a product.

The environmental statement allows manufacturers to demonstrate their attention to environmental issues by analyzing and describing their product in terms of environmental impacts, and allows consumers to obtain detailed information about environmental characteristics of the product itself.

The environmental statement is intended to provide accurate, reliable and comparable information on the environmental performance of the product. The main aim of the environmental statement is to promote, through comparisons between similar products and the ability of the buyer’s choice, a constant improvement of our products from an environmental point of view.

The environmental performance of the products / services indicated in the EPD must be based on the analysis of the life cycle through the use of the evaluation life cycle (LCA) in accordance with the ISO 14040 series standards, methodological foundation for which the objectivity of the key information.

Such information have information purposes only, not providing evaluation, the preferable or minimum criteria that must comply with environmental performance.

The environmental product declaration EPD:

  • It is applicable to all products or services, regardless of their use or positioning in the production chain
  • Allows comparisons between products or functionally equivalent services
  • It is verified and validated by an independent body that guarantees the credibility and veracity of the information contained in the LCA study and in the declaration
  • It achieves an energy balance – Environmental Product / service applying the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment – ISO 14040)
  • It realizes a management system for the control of environmental performance
  • Draws up the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which is a document that allows them to communicate the environmental performance of a product system to interested parties

Benefits of the EPD:

  • The assessment of the environmental quality of products through identification and reduction of environmental impacts associated with a product system
  • The possibility of reducing management and production costs
  • The valorization of eco-friendly technologies and materials
  • The definition of business strategies also in terms of the design of products and / or alternative and more sustainable processes
  • The visibility of the label on the product, as a credible instrument of communication and marketing