Information security management certification ISO 27001

The information, the flow and safety of these are crucial and vital part for any company; the implementation of a management system according to ISO / IEC 27001 allows to establish processes to manage and protect corporate information effectively.

The ISO / IEC 27001 allows to define the requirements of a management system for information security. The standard is designed to ensure the selection of adequate and proportionate security controls.

By adopting the ISO / IEC 27001 standard is possible to implement, monitor, review, maintain and improve a system of certified information security system and thus give confidence to interested parties, in particular to its customers.

The standard is particularly applicable in areas and markets where the protection of information is crucial such as the financial, public and IT.

Conformity to ISO / IEC 27001 standard involves implementing a system that would allow to be able to achieve the following advantages:

  • It provides an independent demonstration of assurance of internal controls and compliance with corporate governance requirements and business continuity
  • Prove impartially compliance with laws and regulations
  • It provides a competitive advantage by meeting contractual requirements and demonstrating to customers the utmost importance to the security of their information
  • Check with impartiality the identification, assessment and management of risk in your organization, at the same time formalizing the processes, procedures and documentation relating to information security
  • It demonstrates the commitment of business managers to ensure information security
  • It allows you to constantly monitor business performance and improve them, evaluating them periodically