Mark Packaging Hygiene MPI

The certification mark to MPI is issued for products and semi-finished plastic materials in contact with food or substances for personal use and products with raw materials and detail formulation filed in confidence with IIP.

Product certification mark with MPI, as well as having all of the certification requirements inherent with IIP-UNI and / or Piip, a prerequisite:

  • compliance with Italian and European law;
  • compliance with the mandatory standards relating to the product and GMP (Good manufature Practices) applicable to the sector,

and it takes into account all aspects of the guidelines “CAST” 1 and 2 are National Institute of Health and the relevant European Regulation 2023.

The certification services provided by IIP provide, apart from being the first certification, including surveillance activities on the use of the certificates carried out at the unit also taking samples of products to be certified for testing activities at its test laboratories that operate Accredia under accreditation (National Body for the accreditation of testing laboratories). In particular, the laboratory IIP Srl can carry out testing activities in the fields of:

  • global migration in simulants in contact (defined according to the destination and use of the product condition);
  • specific migration in function of the nature of the components (polymer, additives, etc.) used for the realization of the product;
    color migration.