Technical specificification IIP PE100RC Piping systems for the transport of fluids under pressure

In view of the development and diffusion of the technical installation of the pipes for the sector increasingly demanding fluids under pressure (for example, poses no bed of sand, with reuse of excavated material, in installations without open trench), the Italian Institute of plastic Srl (The IIP), in agreement and cooperation with the manufacturers of raw materials and finished products, has developed a technical standard that is designed to define additional features, than required by the current reference standard for the industry-run of fluids under pressure (UNI EN 12201, UNI EN 1555 and UNI EN ISO 15494), the piping. These products are made from high strength PE 100 resins to cracking, defined PE100-RC (Resistant to Crack) representing a response to the installation techniques in conditions “difficult” and boasts many features to allow its installation in such conditions without compromising the duration of expected life.

The project was developed by a working group coordinated by IIP with the desire to create a STANDARD that had significance in Italy as an alternative to other documents developed at the local level, such as PAS 1075 in Germany; completion of the work it was approved by the technical bodies of IIP such as Technical Committees and the safeguard of the impartiality committee prior to publication and dissemination to potential stakeholders, the certification with the circular of 27 August 2012.

The technical standard IIP applies to raw materials and pipes PE 100 RC already comply with the applicable standards for the sector “of pressurized fluid conveyance materials’ as a pressurized water (UNI EN 12201), underground pipelines (UNI EN 1555) and fluids industrial (UNI EN ISO 15494), the national laws in force in the areas of application specified in the respective reference standards and the rules for the granting and maintenance of product certification. It addresses the following types of pipe:

  • Type 1: PE 100-RC pipes solid wall (monolayer) made solely from PE 100-RC throughout the wall thickness;
  • Type 2: PE pipes to two or more coextruded layers made from resins classified PE 100-RC. The construction of the wall has to be declared and maintained by the manufacturer;
  • Type 3 (coated tubes): PE 100-RC pipes with external protective layer ( “peelable” to ensure the welding electrofusion) of thermoplastic protective material (preferably polypropylene) with a thickness of at least 0.8 mm.
    With the introduction of additional and specific tests on both the raw material and on the finished product to measure the resistance to the slow propagation of cracking, experimentally simulating the effect of the surface and of the notches point loads that can occur on the piping if installed in the conditions described above .

IIP is now able to provide interested parties with the certification on both raw on pipes with Piip / c mark (issued in terms of the certification marks of conformity with Regulation IIP-UNI, Piip and MPI) materials on the technical specification above by performing verification activities in both the site which the complete laboratory characterization provided by the technical standards; interested organizations can apply for additional and specific information on the subject by sending an e-mail to the following email address: