Tests on plastic piping systems

IIP Srl is able to perform verification and certification against all product regulations applicable to pipes and their joints plastic and related raw materials. These activities are supported by both testing services for certification of that specific customer need IIP Srl who have the need for checking compliance of plastic products and not, to the respective product specifications (voluntary or mandatory also for the purpose of marking EC) or supply specifications. The laboratory tests is divided into three distinct departments for carrying out:

  • physical-chemical tests in a controlled environment (temperature and humidity);
  • mechanical tests;
  • performance tests (component joints and assemblies);
  • aging test (FNCT);
  • food contact test (global migration and specific) in accordance with national and European legislation applicable for contact with drinking water and food;
  • research testing and development to support the needs of the customer with the aid of specific instrumentation such as micrometric scanning microscope, IR spectrometric analysis, calorimetry etc ..

IIP with the own laboratory is also able to support the brewers also with the execution of specific test for the qualitative screening analysis of manufacturing and raw materials with the aid of sophisticated equipment such as (Perkin, etc.).