Tests on Windows

The testing laboratory of IIP Srl, together with the certification and inspection departments, work in the headquarters in Via Velleia 2 in Monza. It, among other services of “testing” delivered, provides a quick and efficient service to installers, designers and manufacturers of windows and doors of each material to qualify the product for the purposes of the CE marking according to the 305/2011 Regulation (better known as CPR) and to verify the quality of the product and performance of the artifacts installed especially for the important orders.

The tests executed in the IIP laboratory mainly related to environmental testing for classification of frames (doors, windows etc.), And sliding curtain wall modules in different types and compositions:

  • air permeability (EN 12153). Properties of the frame or the facade to perform protective function and control of the air passage in indoor environments;
  • waterproofing (EN 13050). properties of the frame or the facade of performing function of protection against moisture ingress and rain in both the fixed parts that can be opened;
  • resistance to wind load (EN 12179). to withstand the stresses of the frame-course or properties of the facade by wind loads;
  • determination of thermal transmittance value (Uf) and acoustic with special software. properties of the frame or the facade perform the function of protection against thermal and acoustic dispersion in indoor environments.

The equipment installed in the laboratory of IIP Srl allows for the verification of the frame and / or the facade as if it were placed using sample sizes in their original form and allows you to avoid damage to the sample during the test, thus allowing customers to IIP Srl to recover the test sample, thus avoiding the economic burden of disposal is that of damage to the work.

IIP Srl is a certification body, notified inspection and test number 1597 by the Ministries of Economic Development, Interior and Infrastructure; the tests carried out for the CE marking are also available and suitable for even start the certification process in accordance with the requirements of the European standard (UNI) EN 14351.