New center of competence in plastics materials

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 09.14.47The Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (IIP) has recently launched a detailed and ambitious network of companies, with similar mission and mutually supportive strategies, with the ‘goal of creating a leading center of expertise, institutional, on the issues and the problems inherent in the plastics and polymers in general, capable of delivering a full range of services (from system certifications to those of product inspections to laboratory tests, from training to technical and technological support to the development and improvement of products and industrial processes ) in prevailing system of accreditation.

The first step saw the finalization of partnership in co-location with the European Plastics Application Development Center (ESCAP), with the consequent expansion of the IIP laboratory facilities (almost doubled), and strengthening of the ESCAP activities in the specific area of training and technical and technological advice on plastics and the related processes of transformation of a greater number of industrial sectors.

A constant and significant investment plan on skills and technologies will accompany this path to provide strong and concrete answers to the increasingly complex needs of companies that focus on innovation and on the quality of its products and services as a differentiator in the market and effective advantage of leverage competitive.

This transaction also provides for the creation of partnerships with similar organizations in foreign markets and the resulting opportunities for expansion of activities.

Relevant will finally, as in the recent past, the scientific / methodological support required to university partners Lombard of international prestige (PoliMI, unimi, UniMiB, UniBG) and strong operational interaction with Uniplast and other institutional bodies of the sector.

General Manager

Mauro La Ciacera