Laboratory tests

IIP has laboratory for measurement-determination of the physico-chemical and mechanical characteristics of manufactured articles of various materials.

These laboratories are accredited by Accredia (National System for the accreditation of certification bodies and inspection).

See list of accredited tests.

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Mechanical tests materials for building

Accredited laboratory for testing and testing of:

  • polymer pipes for water, gas and other fluids;
  • EPS;
  • geotechnical;
  • windows.

Tests on Food Contact Materials (FCMs)

Laboratory accredited to perform compatibility tests for:

  • Food Contact Materials (FCMs);
  • materials in contact with drinking water.

The materials may be:

  • plastic;
  • rubber;
  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • etc..

Tests on raw materials (polymers)

Accredited laboratory for physical and chemical tests on films, packaging, articles for the building, articles for thermal insulation, geomembranes natural polymers, such as cellulose, or chemically synthesized polymers.

Testing suitability for contact with drinking water

Laboratory testing services and technical support for the drafting of the declaration of conformity to suitability for contact with water intended for human consumption.

Tests on Polymers

Accredited laboratory to characterize natural polymers such as paper, polymer and chemical synthesis polymers such as plastics, rubber, recycled plastic.

Tests of Windows

Accredited laboratory for testing of windows.