Eucerplast Certification

EuCertPlast is the European certification of environmental management and control that enables companies, who recycle post-consumer plastics, to attest  the quality of their processes and products. Based on the CEN 15343 standard, the EuCertPlast certification ensures to suppliers and customers that any incoming plastic waste is treated, through good practices (best practices), by a certified recycler, who is obliged to respect the environment and to act in accordance with European and national law standards.


  • Attention to a recycling process that respects the environment
  • Definition of common practises about  recycling  and trading
  • Traceability implementation of collected post-consumer waste
  • Emphasis on the content of recycled plastics
  • Integration of the different audit systems into a common scheme

Activities / Application Services:

  • Required permits (licenses / permits and related conditions)
  • Management (Executives / Organization/ qualifications and training)
  • Procedures and checks about incoming materials (purchase specific categories / waste / recordings / etc.)
  • Stock management (storage / sorting conditions / report)
  • Recycling processes (production / consumption / recordings / mass balance / output / recycling / use of statistics / tracking process input-output statistics)
  • Recycled output control (sales records / purchase evidence / treatment of derivatives products)
  • Environmental protection (waste disposal / treatment / containment / no contamination)
  • Subcontracting (control of subcontracted recycling / certified subcontractors / suppliers information)
  • Quality management (incoming checks / quality controls in production / specifications about  recycled output / awareness about recycled content / REACH / procedures etc.)