Safety cardboard packaging certification GMP FEFCO

Food safety and packaging containing them is a subject that collects a lot of interest on the part of all involved, such as consumer, producing companies and public institutions; consequently it assumes great importance the possibility to have available appropriate regulatory instruments for the standardization of products for packaging.

The GMP FEFCO standard for corrugated or solid board was created with the purpose to disseminate to the producers and suppliers of corrugated packaging existing hygiene requirements for the food industry, in order to meet market needs.

The GMP FEFCO standard is based on the assumption that all risks should be adequately controlled through the application of GMP (good manufacturing practices), also it provides a generic “risk inventory” for the cardboard packaging industry and a set of GMP specifications for the industry.

The development of a specific standard has determined a number of advantages:

  • Take into account the specific production technology for cardboard and flat cardboard industry, thus avoiding unnecessary requirements and hence additional costs.
  • Ensure greater transparency between customer and supplier to the solutions adopted by the latter to meet the contractual and legislative requirements.
  • Allow the company to adopt the GMP to gain credibility to the outside thanks to the certification of an independent third party.