IIP supported Parmalat in obtaining the Plastica Seconda Vita Food brand for the iconic blue bottle of the Puroblu brand

In March, Parmalat launched a circular economy project with the goal of halving, through its products, the quantity of new plastic released into the environment.

All new blue bottles will be made with 50% recycled plastic, the maximum quantity allowed by law for products in contact with food, allowing the company an annual reduction of about 600 tons in the use of new plastic.

“With this project, the company not only complies with the new European Directive on disposable plastics, which requires all bottles to contain 30% recycled material by 2030, but also anticipates the timescale, proposing a much greater commitment” – commented Giovanni Pomella, General Manager of Parmalat Italy.

An LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), conducted by the University of Parma and aimed at assessing the environmental impact of new bottles, confirmed their eco-sustainable nature, thanks to the annual savings of about 18,000 cubic meters of water (equivalent to three times that present in the tanks of the Acquario di Genova) and the reduction of almost 1700 tons of annual CO2 emissions (a quantity of carbon dioxide that could be absorbed by about 69,000 trees in the space of twelve months) resulting from its production.

Thanks to this project, Parmalat is the first Italian food company to obtain the “Plastica Seconda Vita Food” mark for its blue bottle, the environmental product certification system dedicated to materials and products obtained from the recycling of plastic waste that verifies the entire production chain, from the traceability of raw materials to packaging, guaranteeing the consumer the origin and safety of packaging.

The Istituto Italiano dei Plastici, the only certification body in Italy accredited for this scheme, supported Parmalat by carrying out all the activities required to obtain the mark, including the verification and declaration of the content of Second Life Plastics.

Below is a photograph taken on the occasion of the delivery of the certification, in the presence of Matteo Locati for IIP and Angela Camarda, Marco Bianchi and Patrizio D’Antonio for Parmalat.

For more information on the “Plastics Second Life” Certification, please visit the dedicated page and contact: Serena L’Orfano (serena.lorfano@iip.it, 039 2045707) for technical information and Matteo Locati (matteo.locati@iip.it, 039 2045711) for commercial information.